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I absolutely hate it when strangers ask to touch my hair. No. No you may not put your nasty fingers on my head. Even worse when they don't wait for an answer, or don't even ask. IT HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN! If it's so hard to resist, go be a hairdresser. Or buy yourself a freaking doll. Just Don't. Touch. Me.


Guh. I'm just going to wear a shower cap on the subway from now on. 

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Gotta say, that is really bizarre. I have never had someone request to touch my hair?!

It happens to me pretty often. And it's really annoying.

People ask to touch your HAIR? o__O

That's creepy. XD

It really is creepy! My hair's pretty short and really curly, so I guess most people think it's unusual, even though it really isn't that special or interesting.

LOL Well in that case I do have to admit that I do have a few friends with Epic Curls and I never leave their hair alone :B haha For the straight-haired people of the world curly hair is FASCINATING! 8D

I would never grab a random stranger's hair though, that's kinda bizarre! XD

I wish everybody thought so :P

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