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Show me the light...
avatar, dragon
Fluorescent tube lights effect the space-time continuum. Have you noticed that? Last night the damn lights at work made my shift feel like it was four times longer than usual. That damn humming noise is an ache inside my skull, and the orangey light makes everything look dirty. Guh. So I felt dizzy and tired, and had to keep taking breaks (luckily I don't have a supervisor). It meant I did a half-assed job, again. I really wish someone would replace the lights with something better--I'm sure that nicer fluorescents exist, but there's no way my employer will shell out for them, especially these days. Budget cuts don't impact me directly, yet, but they make the work environment a little hostile, especially when people in other departments are losing their jobs or are having to do their jobs without proper support. I mostly work alone, because I have the night shift, but I do manage to overhear a lot.

Now that it's the weekend, I have some free time but nothing to do. I'm glad I don't have to go in to work, where I'm sure the lights would reawaken my headache, but I don't really feel like staring at my computer, either. Maybe I'll go get a cappuccino. There are probably a few discarded newspapers I could steal crossword puzzles from at the coffee shop. 


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